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   Kicking a blue
   Naam: id28_373996_4805367777222_1559462934_n.jpg; Grootte: 85 KiB    We fought in France, We fought in Spain,
we fought in the Sun and we fought in the Rain,
we took the Kop and Chelsea too,
but what we like most is kicking a blue,
kicking a blue,
kicking a blue,
what we like most is kicking a blue
   Cantona v2
   Naam: id27_66196_4904532896288_1728134912_n.jpg; Grootte: 90 KiB    We’ll drink a drink a drink,
To Eric the king the king the king,
He’s the leader of our football team,
He’s the greatest, centre forward,
That the world, has ever seen
   Viva da Silva
   Naam: id26_199_1344500630_de-gea.jpg; Grootte: 100 KiB    Viva da Silva,
Viva da Silva,
When they’re on the pitch,
Don’t know which is which,
Viva da Silva
   The Pride of All Europe
   Naam: id25__65850451_saf-getty.jpg; Grootte: 31 KiB    We are just one of those teams
That you see now and then,
We often score six
But we seldom score ten,
We beat em at home
And we beat em away,
We kill any bastards
That get in our way;
We are the pride of all Europe
The cock of the North,
We hate the Scousers
The Cockneys of course (and Leeds!),
We are United
Without any doubt,
We are the Manchester boys
   Matt Busby’s aces
   Naam: id24_RTR3COZD.jpg; Grootte: 79 KiB    Oh me lads,
You should have seen us coming,
Fastest team in the League,
Just to see us running,
All the lads and lasses,
With smiles upon their faces,
Walking down the Warwick Road,
To see Matt Busby’s aces!
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